Hankook Tyres are one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers for radial tires for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and LCV.), HCV trucks, and buses.

Hankook Tyre also develops cutting-edge technologies to upgrade customer satisfaction through high-quality products.


Truck Tyres

As a UK Hankook Authorised Dealer we are able to offer any tyre in the Hankook range, here is just a small selection of the tyres we can offer



All season super single for trailer axle with outstanding wear resistance and durability for mid and long haul service.

5 zig-zag type grooves help to maximize water drainage and wet traction performance. Stone ejector prevents groove cracking and belt separation

TL10 e-cube

A fuel-efficient trailer tire that helps deliver a long, even tread wear on highway services.

Part of Hankook's most fuel-efficient, eco-friendly “e-cube” tire line. Advanced technology compounds formulated to help provide low rolling resistance and cool operating temperatures.

See-through circumferential grooves promote efficient water evacuation for good wet braking and traction throughout the life of the tire. Improved retreadability from a stronger, more durable crown package.

e-cube (e ) = Energy X Economy X Environment



The TH10 is optimized for medium haul trailers. This tire delivers the mileage you are looking for.

An optimal section shape with stable tread contour provides the best performance on medium routes. And the asymmetric lateral tread provides directional driving stability.

The grooves are specially designed with wide angle to keep stones from getting lodged inside. The wide 5 rib design assures a long tread life and enhanced traction.


Wide-base single tyre with extra long mileage for regional trailer.

Optimised belt structure with minimised belt deformation leads to extremely low rolling resistance. An enlarged carcass profile with a reinforced belt cord ensures excellent durability, even with high loading weight.

The kerfless center rib enhances the free-rolling on the axle and the driving performance. The optimised foot shape as well as the increased tread area ensure an improved mileage and prevent belt separations

AL10+ e-cube MAX

All-position tyre for long haul usage with excellent fuel efficiency and an increased mileage capability. Part of Hankook’s new environmentally friendly and fuel efficient ‘e-cube MAX’ series. 


The unique tread design and compounds provide longer mileage and an irregular wear resistance along with an increased load index thanks to Hankook’s patented spiral coil technology. 


The newly developed features of the tyre ensures excellent driving performance on highways as well as an improvement of the environmentally friendliness of the product. 

SmartFlex AH31

All season steer axle tyre designed for a convenient/strong usage on various road conditions while operating on long and regional distances.  


The pattern with its wide tread and shoulder design, along with 3 dimensional kerfs ensures longer mileage, good handling performance and minimised irregular wear. 


The M+S marked tyre features an increased load index and guarantees excellent driving behaviour in all weather conditions. 



A rear-wheel, mid-distance tire designed for minimum performance alterations in changing road and weather conditions. The dynamic cross-section pattern design and deep grooves ensure strong traction.

A block pattern was applied for even wear. DH05 also displays excellent driving and braking capabilities on wet or snowy roads.



Winter tire for drive axle with excellent grip. Dimples on the tread also ensure great snow grip.

Adoption of full-depth kerfs to maintain braking performance at the latter phase of wear. The DW06 provides that longer mileage, because of wider tread width, deeper groove depth as well as larger block size.

This will be one of the best choices for your winter driving.






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